CS-AWARE is proud to announce a new book on cybersecurity awareness that presents a novel approach to cybersecurity awareness based on the CS-AWARE H2020 project. The books tells the story of the implementation of CS-AWARE as a unique socio-technical solution for real-time cybersecurity awareness and management and involves the readers in aspects related to threat mitigation and sharing of threat information.

The book builds on contributions from both computer science and social sciences and provides a holistic description of cybersecurity awareness in context, from different scientific disciplines. In this regard, the book promotes a genuinely interdisciplinary approach that brings together all phases of design, implementation, deployment and evaluation of cybersecurity awareness technology.

Enough with the self-promotion! You can buy the book and get more information via Springer or Amazon.

By the way, you may also be interested in this book on collaboration published by one of our team members. Collaboration is an aspect that we will focus on much more closely in our upcoming CS-AWARE-NEXT Horizon Europe project.

The CS-AWARE Team.