Cybersecurity Awareness (Book)

Jerry Andriessen, Thomas Schaberreiter, Alexandros Papanikolaou, Juha Röning (Editors) This contributed volume tells the story of the establishment of a cybersecurity awareness framework for organizations, and how it was piloted in two public sector municipal contexts. It presents a clear picture of cybersecurity issues in municipalities and proposes a socio-technical solution for creating [...]

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An Innovative Self-Healing Approach with STIX Data Utilisation

Spyros, Arnolnt; Rantos, Konstantinos; Papanikolaou, Alexandros; Ilioudis, Christos Organisations nowadays devote many resources in maintaining a robust security posture against emerging cyber-threats. This typically requires rapid response against newly identified or shared threat information so that appropriate countermeasures are immediately deployed to eliminate these threats or reduce the associated risks. For many shared indicators, [...]

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Interoperability Challenges in the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Ecosystem

Computers Journal, vol 9(1), 2020, article number 18 IThreat intelligence helps businesses and organisations make the right decisions in their fight against cyber threats, and strategically design their digital defences for an optimised and up-to-date security situation. Combined with advanced security analysis, threat intelligence helps reduce the time between the detection of an [...]

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An Information Flow Model to Support NIS Mandated Reporting

Automous Systems 2019: An Almanac 137-143, 12th Conference on Autonomous Systems  - Cala Millor, Mallorca, Spanien 23-30 October 2019 Gerald Quirchmayir, Veronika Kupfersberger, Gregor Langner, Thomas Schaberreiter

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Enhancing credibility of digital evidence through provenance-based incident response handling

ARES '19 Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security ACM New York, NY, USA, 26-29 August 2019 Digital forensics are becoming increasingly important for the investigation of computer-related crimes, white-collar crimes and massive hacker attacks. After an incident has been detected an appropriate incident response is usually initiated with the [...]

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A quantitative evaluation of trust in the quality of cyber threat intelligence sources

14th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES 2019) - Canterbury, United Kingdom, 26–29 August 2019 Thomas Schaberreiter, Veronika Kupfersberger, Konstantinos Rantos, Arnolnt Spyros, Alexandros Papanikolaou, Christos Ilioudis, and Gerald Quirchmayr https://phaidra.univie.ac.at/o:1076811

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A Cybersecurity Situational Awareness and Information-Sharing Solution for Local Public Administrations based on Advanced Big Data Analysis: The CS-AWARE Project, Challenges in Cybersecurity and Privacy – the European Research Landscape

RIVER PUBLISHERS SERIES IN SECURITY AND DIGITAL FORENSICS In this chapter, the EU-H2020 project CS-AWARE (running from 2017 to 2020) is presented. CS-AWARE proposes a cybersecurity awareness solution for local public administrations (LPAs) in line with the currently developing European legislatory cybersecurity framework. CS-AWARE aims to increase the automation of cybersecurity awareness approaches, [...]

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Exploring Knowledge Graphs in an Interpretable Composite Approach for Text Entailment

AAAI 2019 : Thirty-Third AAAI conference on artificial intelligence Recognizing textual entailment is a key task for many semantic applications, such as Question Answering, Text Summarization, and Information Extraction, among others. Entailment scenarios can range from a simple syntactic variation to more complex semantic relationships between pieces of text, but most approaches try [...]

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Open source technologies within the concept of self-healing

11th Panhellenic Free / Open Source Software Communities Meeting (FOSSCOM 2018), 13-14 October 2018, University of Crete, Heraklion, Crete, Greece. In this talk we'll discuss the main concepts of Self-Healing and analyse Self-Healing models. The analysis and evaluation of each model is done based on a set of criteria such as the management [...]

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Applying Soft Systems Methodology to Complex Problem Situations in Critical Infrastructures: The CS-AWARE Case Study

Modern technology, in addition to all its benefits, creates new threats and attack vectors to individuals and organisations. In the past years the number of cyber attacks has increased drastically as has the extent of their effects. These circumstances clearly show that a different approach to cybersecurity is required: a holistic, collaborative strategy to [...]

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