Biometrics technologies application for security

Biometrics technologies are nowadays emerging thanks to their potential applications in many different fields. Some examples are represented by the use of the fingerprint for mobile and laptop authentication and similarly, face recognition and iris scanning. Some of the aforementioned applications are very recent while the others are in use from some years. However, [...]

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Security transformation

Cyber threats are growing and becoming even more sophisticated in their technologies. It follows that security techniques need to grow and evolve in order to anticipate potential problems: the digital transformation cannot prescind from an increase in data security. For all these reasons, technologies adopted until now to contrast cyber risks can result nowadays to [...]

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There is no such thing as a growth industry – and it is not me who says this… ?

The term marketing myopia is also not mine; both the term and the quote above are by Theodore Levitt who wrote what is now considered as a legendary article back in 1960 for the Harvard Business Review. It is all worth that you read the article yourselves, so there is no need from my side [...]

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Visualization of System Dependencies using GraphingWiki

Since the second iteration of the workshops in the piloting cities Larissa (GR) and Rome (IT) are coming closer, the preparations are in progress. As briefly explained in Mr. Wills blog post on the 8th of May, these involve the creation of a System Dependency Graph using GraphingWiki. GraphingWiki is an extension of the open [...]

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