Cyber threats in the Financial Industry

A report done by PwC in 2014 in cooperation with BBA (British Banking Association) highlights very interesting aspects and challenges of the financial and banking industry that are highly relevant for our CS-AWARE project: Malicious actors identified •       Hacktivists – looking to provoke maximum disruption and embarrassment o       Favoured techniques: SQL injection [...]

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Designing the CS-AWARE Framework

The final CS-AWARE solution is a combination of a generalized model of interconnected technologies, the framework, and their individualised implementation at a local public administration (LPA). In Software Architecture Design frameworks build the foundation for such structures of components, as Pree (1994) states frameworks are 'reusable semi-finished architectures for various application domains'. While the main [...]

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The value of good design (part 1)

The value of a good user interface is indisputable: with a good user interface, all features and functionality are supported; with a ‘bad’ or a ‘poor’ one, the users will ignore your product and will punish you to stay off market.I remember how Donald Norman’s book on ‘The Design of Everyday Things’ that I read [...]

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The value of good design (part 2)

In the project, one of the tasks that we have been assigned related to visualization. No need to say how important this is: with poor visualization every information will be lost or subject to misinterpretation – with a good one, the message finds the recipient timely and in the most effective manner. In CS-AWARE we [...]

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Cyber Security in Public Administration

The rapid and high-speed development of services in the "cyber-space", on the one hand, has innumerable advantages, such as the breaking down of geographical borders, through the interconnection of billions of people, the delivery of new types of services and the global level exchange of knowledge. On the other hand, it is the source of [...]

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