Cybersecurity awareness workshops

We offer cybersecurity workshops that enable your organisation to develop a profound  understanding of the cybersecurity issues it faces, both in terms of  security and of privacy. The goal of the workshops is to facilitate your organisation’s identification and description of  its most critical assets and their cybersecurity vulnerabilities. This includes the socio-technical relationships within the organisation, in terms of information flows between those critical assets. We facilitate and enable your analysis of the entire socio-technical infrastructure  of your organisation, ranging from human interactions with the business processes, down to technical details relating to the transfer, processing and storage of the data implicit in those business processes.

In the workshops we combine the organisation-specific knowledge of your people and decision makers, with the thought-leading socio-technical and cybersecurity expertise of our highly experienced analysts. We will enable you to develop a holistic picture of the cybersecurity situation and associated vulnerabilities, in your organisation, and help you to formulate actions to mitigate any potential downside effects.

  • Cybersecurity awareness training specific to your organisational needs

  • A knowledge repository of organisational assets and their dependencies in terms of cybersecurity

  • A dynamic visual representation of the knowledge graph, to be easily adapted following organisational changes

Optionally we offer the ability to model the identified assets and dependencies in a cloud based service, which gives you the ability to utilise the knowledge repository in a dynamic way and adapt organisational changes in real-time. This includes monitoring of threat intelligence and social media for cybersecurity issues that relate to the assets modelled in your organisation, and alerts for identified issues.

  • No paper exercise, active and persistent transfer of knowledge between workshop participants

  • We enable your organisation to harvest, codify and understand the tacit, (and sometimes abstract) knowledge of your staff – the knowledge they have that isn’t written in manuals and user guides

  • Generates lasting awareness of cybersecurity within your organisation, helping your employees to adapt the most fitting mitigation measures to future incidents

  • The collaborative nature of the workshops facilitates a paradigm shift in cybersecurity responsibilities. Cybersecurity is not seen any more as an IT department problem, but an organisational problem

  • Provides the deep understanding of the cybersecurity situation in your organisation required to ensure legal compliance to legal and regulatory measures, like the European Network and Information Security (NIS) directive or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Optionally: Dynamic visualisation of asset and dependency knowledge repository, and real-time monitoring of threat intelligence and social media for cybersecurity issues relating to your organisational assets.



The CS-AWARE system is bespoke. It is carefully and precisely crafted, to meet the unique requirements of each client organisation. Your organisation’s network infrastructure, hardware and software applications, and the interdependencies between these components are analysed in a workshop setting. The workshop environment is a collaborative partnership between your people and our experts. The workshop(s) facilitate and develop your deep understanding of your organisation’s ICT systems. System interdependencies are identified and explored, cybersecurity vulnerabilities are revealed, and network nodes, where traffic can be surveilled and anomalous events can be detected in real-time are identified.
It follows that the cost of the CS-AWARE solution is dependent on the size and complexity of your organisation and its ICT systems. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in a conference call to help us to understand your organisation’s needs, and subsequently, to enable us to formulate a value proposition for your consideration.

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