A great base scenario for CS-AWARE-NEXT?

This blog post was originally published for the CS-AWARE-NEXT project: https://www.cs-aware-next.eu/ Don’t remember if have heard of this incident before, but this could actually be a great base scenario for CS-AWARE-NEXT. It is about the May 2021 ransomware attack on the Health Service Executive (HSE). At the end of the year 2021, a report [...]

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CS-AWARE team members publish a book on cybersecurity awareness

CS-AWARE is proud to announce a new book on cybersecurity awareness that presents a novel approach to cybersecurity awareness based on the CS-AWARE H2020 project. The books tells the story of the implementation of CS-AWARE as a unique socio-technical solution for real-time cybersecurity awareness and management and involves the readers in aspects related to threat [...]

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NIS2 is on the horizon: Organisational resilience is not only an immaterial good. Strengthening EU-wide cybersecurity will pave the way!

On May the 13th 2022, the Council of Europe and the European Parliament agreed on an update to the successful NIS directive, fittingly titled NIS2. The aim is clear, namely to further improve the resilience and incident response capacities of both the public and private sector, as well as of the EU as a whole. [...]

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It is the socio-technical approach that matters (and makes the difference)

Steffen Mau, a German Professor for Macrosociology at the Humboldt University in Berlin has written a book that appeared in German in 2017 and in English in 2019 entitled: ‘The Metric Society: On the Quantification of the Social’. In brief, his book is about the, sometimes worrying, emphasis of the importance and the impact of [...]

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CS-AWARE Corporation has successfully acquired a new Horizon Europe research project!

CS-AWARE Corporation has successfully acquired EU funding for a new project. The project is called CS-AWARE-NEXT and builds on the legacy of the CS-AWARE project, from which the CS-AWARE Corporation originated. The project application has been submitted under the new Horizon Europe Programme, and has been successfully evaluated for all three dimensions related to excellence, [...]

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Now it’s getting serious: The first high profile cyberattack against a Local Public Administration in Germany

The first high profile cyberattack in 2021 against a Local Public Administration in Germany has now taken place. One of the affected systems is the social security payments system. The reaction was quite drastic and a state of emergency has been declared. You can read the story here. In the article it is mentioned what [...]

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AI and Machine Learning for cybersecurity

The Center for Security and Emerging Technology has issued a new report, Machine Learning and Cybersecurity: Hype and Reality. In case you haven’t read the full report yet, Bruce Schneier sums it up quite well. What we would like to underline from our side and is confirmed also by the report is that AI in [...]

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CS-AWARE – A European success story

Cyberwatching.eu, the European observatory of research and innovation in the field of cybersecurity and privacy, has featured CS-AWARE Corporation as a perfect example of a success story bringing European research to the market. Cyberwatching.eu is an initiative funded under the European Commission's H2020 programme, with the aim to make the Digital Single Market a safer [...]

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The new cybersecurity strategy for Europe is here – and CS-AWARE is here to serve it!

Since publishing the first European cybersecurity strategy in 2013, the EU has been continuously creating and updating the building blocks for a collaborative European cybersecurity framework, most notably the network and information security (NIS) directive and the general data protection regulation (GDPR). In December 2020, the European Commission has pushed those efforts to the next [...]

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What Is to Be Done? Burning questions of a hopefully cybersecure future in Europe

‘If we want a safer world for tomorrow, we have to act decidedly today and be ready to take some risks’ - Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union, My visit to Moscow and the future of EU-Russia relations Cybersecurity is not a luxury item in the agenda of only large enterprises and organisations. [...]

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