InnoSec presents CS-AWARE in the FOSSCOMM 2018 conference

InnoSec participated in the FOSSCOMM (Free and Open Source Software Communities Meeting) 2018 conference that took place on Crete island, Greece between the 13th and 14th of October 2018. FOSSCOMM is the Panhellenic conference of free and open source software communities, where several open-source software communities participated in it, including the Hellenic Linux User Group [...]

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Facebook Hack: 50 million Facebook users’ access stolen using zero-day flaw

According to a blog post published on September 28th, 2018 by Facebook (FB), their engineering team discovered that 50 million accounts were affected by a security issue. Practically, a vulnerability in FB code allowed hackers to steal FB access tokens. The full article can be read here. It is interesting to have a look at [...]

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Raising a son in the era of social networks

Each day we share on the web a huge amount of data about us and our behaviours. This is a concern for the privacy and security of adult users but it becomes a huge problem where underage children are involved. According to the last report of the english Children Commissioner “Who knows what about [...]

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5G era and cybersecurity

Fifth-generation mobile networks or fifth-generation wireless systems, also known as “5G,” are the proposed next telecommunications standards and are likely to appear in the market in 2020. 5G networks are going to be very heterogeneous and complex compared to the current ones but in the same time are expected to meet high-end requirements. Among them, [...]

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Common sense and the CS-AWARE platform: How to launch it and make the ‘great leap forward’…

There have been two articles that both appeared in Harvard Business Review and which I think are quite useful when considering the steps we need to take for exploitation and commercialization of the CS-AWARE project results.The first one is called ‘How to Launch Your Digital Platform’, has been authored by Benjamin Edelman and appeared in [...]

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