Interoperability Challenges in the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Ecosystem

Computers Journal, vol 9(1), 2020, article number 18 IThreat intelligence helps businesses and organisations make the right decisions in their fight against cyber threats, and strategically design their digital defences for an optimised and up-to-date security situation. Combined with advanced security analysis, threat intelligence helps reduce the time between the detection of an [...]

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Applying Soft Systems Methodology to Complex Problem Situations in Critical Infrastructures: The CS-AWARE Case Study

Modern technology, in addition to all its benefits, creates new threats and attack vectors to individuals and organisations. In the past years the number of cyber attacks has increased drastically as has the extent of their effects. These circumstances clearly show that a different approach to cybersecurity is required: a holistic, collaborative strategy to [...]

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Addressing Complex Problem Situations in Critical Infrastructures using Soft Systems Analysis: The CS-AWARE Approach

SECURWARE 2017 : The Eleventh International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies In a world in which large-scale cyber attacks are the norm rather than the exception, the need for cybersecurity gains in importance every day. Current cybersecurity solutions are often not taking the holistic approach that would be required to provide [...]

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