D5.1 Pilot Deployment and Evaluation Report

This Deliverable provides a report of the deployment and evaluation activities and outcomes during the final year of the CS-AWARE project. The main objective of the CS-AWARE project (https://cs-aware.eu/) is to provide a cybersecurity situational awareness software solution for Local Public Administrations (LPA’s), small- to medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) and financial institutions. This solution enables the [...]

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D5.3 Cybersecurity awareness in municipalities – The story of the CS-AWARE project

In this Deliverable we present an overview of the CS-AWARE project. It is conceived as a potential book publication, written for stakeholders in public administrations and professional companies, and it comprises 6 chapters. In Chapter 1, we provide an introduction to the current cybersecurity landscape, both in a global sense and mapped to the specific [...]

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D4.3 CS-AWARE solution validation and testing report

The objective of WP4, of which this deliverable is part, is to deliver a common cloud-based solution based on the modules provided from WP3 and the CS-AWARE framework and requirements defined in WP2, preparing for the pilots being done in WP5. CS-AWARE deliverable D4.3 is the validation report of the CS-AWARE solution with regards to [...]

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D4.4 CS-AWARE technical documentation and training material

The idea of this deliverable is to link together the user manual with the training process. The goal of CS-AWARE is to build a CS awareness platform; therefore, in accordance with its primary mission, the writers decided to develop not just a User manual, but also develop a guide for the reading process (through a [...]

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D6.6 Commercial actions report

This third and final version of the ‘Commercial actions report’ deliverable presents the latest commercialisation developments and future plans for the CS-AWARE platform: final exploitable results are fully defined, then updated market analysis with COVID-19 constraints is presented; a detailed analysis of competition and pricing, risks analysis for the last reporting period of the [...]

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D6.8 Exploitation, dissemination and commercialisation report

This deliverable is the final update of the 'Exploitation, dissemination and commercialization report' covering the period March 2019-August 2020 and the developments during this period. It consists of four chapters that have been developed in the past versions and now they are being actualized: a final update of the dissemination plan and actions, a [...]

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D5.2 CS-AWARE User and Usage Guidelines

The CS-AWARE deliverable 5.2 is concerned with providing material to be used by new CS-AWARE users in order to better understand the user interface (UI) options and interactions. In this context, two main topics have been identified that are addressed in this deliverable: User guides that are concerned with introducing the available interfaces and [...]

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D2.5 Guidelines and procedures for system and dependency analysis in the context of local public administrations

This guide sets out how to conduct a Systems and Dependency Analysis (SDA) in small to medium local public administrations (LPA’s) and small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s). It sets out in easily understandable terms, how to organise and run SDA workshops, create “Rich Pictures” (RP’s)/ CATWOE analysis, and how to use those to [...]

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D2.3 System and dependency analysis (third iteration) – Pilot scenario specification and self-healing strategies

This deliverable for the CS-AWARE project is the third in an iterative series of three deliverables (D2.1 System and dependency analysis (first iteration) – Cybersecurity requirements for local public administrations, D2.2 System and dependency analysis (second iteration) - Pilot scenario definition and D2.3 System and dependency analysis (third iteration) – Pilot scenario specification and selfhealing [...]

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D6.7 Exploitation, dissemination and commercialisation report February 2019

This deliverable of the CS-AWARE project is the second in an iterative series of three deliverables regarding the dissemination, exploitation and commercialization actions during the project lifetime. The following deliverable will constitute updated versions of the first iteration. Based upon the ongoing technology challenges and future market findings, the last version will be updated [...]

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