CS-AWARE offers a solution that focuses on cybersecurity awareness for municipalities and organisations. We provide a holistic approach that monitors your organization’s cybersecurity in real-time, tailored to the particular needs of your organisation. The solution relies heavily on cooperative cybersecurity, by utilizing information about problems that others have shared in order to detect and mitigate incidents within one’s own systems. The solution fosters organisational learning about cybersecurity through increased awareness and collaboration, and allows to manage incidents through a centralized user interface.

We invite small-, medium- or large municipalities and organisations to read about our background and about what we have to offer, and then contact us for an appointment.

  • Analysis and visualization of your organization’s cybersecurity landscape though socio-technical analysis workshops, generating a cybersecurity knowledge repository managed through the CS-AWARE user interface

  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of your local assets to detect intrusions and anomalies in real-time based on customized patterns specific to your organization’s needs

  • Contextualization of intrusions and anomalies, providing the latest information about particular threats and mitigations from reliable sources of expertise on cybersecurity

  • Precise localisation and visualization of incidents in your systems and networks, and visualization of potential impacts on the business processes of your organization

  • If available, allow self-healing processes to be executed to automatically apply mitigations to detected incidents

  • Share information about cybersecurity incidents to relevant national and EU-level authorities in order to comply with reporting requirements of cybersecurity regulation like NIS or GDPR, or to seek further assistance from expert organizations like CSIRTs


Cybersecurity Awareness (Book)

November 3rd, 2022|

Jerry Andriessen, Thomas Schaberreiter, Alexandros Papanikolaou, Juha Röning (Editors) This contributed volume tells [...]


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