The first high profile cyberattack in 2021 against a Local Public Administration in Germany has now taken place. One of the affected systems is the social security payments system. The reaction was quite drastic and a state of emergency has been declared. You can read the story here.

In the article it is mentioned what may be commonly know to all: local public administrations have outdated software and hardware and their IT departments are small, the latter implying lack of human resources but especially also of specialised know-how. This is also no special case at all – about two months ago a similar attack took place on the Irish health service. And what one has to consider is that that while this was rather what one would call a high profile case, there are many more that don’t get a lot or any of press coverage out of fear of damage of their reputation.

The CS-AWARE solution was specifically designed to cater to the needs of local administrations – a mission for which the CS-AWARE project was granted by the European Commission. Unfortunately governments are still not taking enough proactive action to better prepare for such events. Same as with the Corona pandemic, what shall make the difference is how fast we shall all process and use the lessons learned. The CS-AWARE system is bespoke and the costs of the CS-AWARE solution depend on the size and complexity of organisations and their ICT systems. However, and in order to offer an opportunity to local public administrations that operate under tight budgets, we offer the CS-AWARE light edition which is ideally suited for small- and medium-sized municipalities.

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The CS-AWARE team.