Sigma language rules for SIEM

Motivated by the sudden growth of interest in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)mechanisms worldwide, companies that develop cybersecurity products started building their own SIEMsolutions as soon as possible. Due to market share competition, each of these companies developedtheir own proprietary security rules formats and built their analysis engines to work best with thesespecific formats.Soon [...]

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A skeptical view…

Just a thought, as we look at other possible competitors, etc. in cybersecurity, it’s best not to forget and keep a skeptical view of many “commercial” claims. Read –and enjoy! – this latest report from ProPublica, an independent and nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism. In few words: companies that promised to beat ransomware with [...]

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B as Baltimore (or Brussels…)

Sometimes we also ourselves think if what we are building in the CS-AWARE project is really useful and what someone may consider as “bare necessities” for a local public administration, or only some forward-looking, nice-to-have “stuff” which may better be described as a solution-in-search-of-a-problem. And then we read something like this here: A ransomware attack [...]

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