Cybersecurity events reflect a very strong global community

Having a look at this month’s cybersecurity events, there are no less that 9 events happening in Europe in July 2018: Date: July 2nd - 4th Location: Lille, France Event: Pass the SALT (Security And Libre Talks) Description: Building bridges between Security communities and Free Software hackers! Date: July 2nd - 6th Location: London, United Kingdom Event: OWASP AppSec Europe Description: Technical talks [...]

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Cyber security, risk management and policies

Nowadays, organisations, ranging from banks and government agencies to SMEs, depend heavily on the management of risks in order to preserve their existence, operation and profitability. This appears to be undeniable since risks exist in various forms, such as information security, compliance, reputational and outsourcing risks. If those risks are not identified, assessed and mitigated [...]

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Recommendation systems: Methods, Opportunities and Criticalities

Recommender systems are one of the most successful and widespread application of machine learning technologies in business. The main goal of a recommender system is to provide users with the most useful items according to their interests, by filtering and suggesting relevant items taking into account or inferring the users’ preferences (i.e., tastes, interests, [...]

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CS-Aware Presented Between the European Projects of Rome Capital for Urban Security

On Monday May 14th the Digital Transformation Department took part in the seminar "Urban security. Policies and instruments of the European Union ", organized by the Department of European Development and Financing Projects, in Campidoglio. The purpose of the morning, which saw the participation of the Ministry of the Interior, the Local Police of Roma Capitale and [...]

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