Business and corporate users: better move to Linux!

A recent article in Forbes reveals one of the latest cyber security incidents detected by Kaspersky, namely a malware disguised as a legitimate security update. Kaspersky called this attack as "one of the biggest supply-chain incidents ever." “The motivations for the malware attack are unclear, but it apparently targeted only 600 specific MAC addresses. Once [...]

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Blog entry: Are local officials aware of what is happening with cybersecurity?

Beyond the issue of protecting their information assets, local officials often know little about what is happening.  Surveys have shown in the US that the number of survey respondents that respond “Don’t know” to survey questions remains high.  No top official, whether appointed or elected, should be unaware of basic cybersecurity information – the [...]

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The Cybersecurity Industry is certainly a booming sector – But Local Government still suffering

Cybersecurity has become in many countries  a booming industry, flooding the market with new products, with a near zero unemployment rate, and numerous unfilled jobs. This shortfall is expected to grow by 50+ percent in the near future.  However, in the meantime, local governments are finding it increasingly difficult to attract and keep cybersecurity [...]

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