An Information Flow Model to Support NIS Mandated Reporting

Automous Systems 2019: An Almanac 137-143, 12th Conference on Autonomous Systems  - Cala Millor, Mallorca, Spanien 23-30 October 2019 Gerald Quirchmayir, Veronika Kupfersberger, Gregor Langner, Thomas Schaberreiter

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Governments need to fund adequately their innovation efforts

While the Government here in Italy has announced various changes and plans to reorganize the cybersecurity effort on a national level, it is not clear the practical effect of these proposals. Recently the organization of a new ministry for technological innovation and digitalization with Paola Pisano as its head was announced.  Already from the initial [...]

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System and dependency analysis workshop in Larissa and Rome – The difference in conducting analysis in a mid-sized and a large municipality

In a previous blog post we discussed the third round of system and dependency analysis workshops conducted in the context of the CS-AWARE project in the municipalities of Larissa and Rome. In this post we would like to discuss in a bit more detail our experiences of the similarities and differences of conducting the workshop [...]

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