Big Cyber, Bigger Threats

The ‘Foreign Affairs’ online publication (US) had an interesting article on cyber security, ‘Cyber Week in Review, February 1, 2019’ called ‘Big Cyber, Bigger Threats’, where a worldwide threat assessment report was published driven by the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. There the cyberattacks and ‘online influence operations and election interference’ are listed as [...]

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Use of standards for cyberthreat intelligence exchange

The cyber threat landscape is rapidly evolving. New cyber threats as well as vulnerabilities emerge at a great pace and become more severe and persistent. Furthermore, due to the dynamic nature of modern cyber threats, they are becoming more autonomous and complex and they are thus able to use more sophisticated techniques to exploit the [...]

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Do you believe that the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime is increasing?

Citizens all over the world are deeply concerned about the protection of their private life and their security. For example, 9 out of to 10 users consider that cyber-crime is a threat to their country, declaring that “it is a major challenge to national security”. Citizens are feeling threatened by cyber-crime and are very skeptic [...]

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Applying Soft Systems Methodology to Complex Problem Situations in Critical Infrastructures: The CS-AWARE Case Study

Modern technology, in addition to all its benefits, creates new threats and attack vectors to individuals and organisations. In the past years the number of cyber attacks has increased drastically as has the extent of their effects. These circumstances clearly show that a different approach to cybersecurity is required: a holistic, collaborative strategy to [...]

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Security-Driven Information Flow Modelling for Component Integration in Complex Environments

IAIT 2018 Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Advances in Information Technology Conceptualising and developing a new software solution is always a daunting task, even more so when existing technologies of international partners are to be integrated into a unique and holistic product, as is the case in many international research and innovation projects. The individual [...]

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