The CS-AWARE deliverable 5.2 is concerned with providing material to be used by new CS-AWARE users in order to better understand the user interface (UI) options and interactions. In this context, two main topics have been identified that are addressed in this deliverable:

  • User guides that are concerned with introducing the available interfaces and interface options to the user
  • Usage guidelines that are concerned with detailing the possible user interactions with the different interfaces according to day-to-day usage scenarios

The user guides presented in this deliverable are grouped around three objectives: Give a quick overview of the CS-AWARE functionalities, introduce the main interfaces used in fulfilling CS-AWARE tasks, and give a detailed overview of the CS-AWARE user and content configuration options. Those three objectives have been addressed in three separate user guides, each one building on the previous one and providing more context with respect to the objective that is to be addressed. The user guides are based on the initial user guides published in CS-AWARE deliverable D4.4, updated according to user input and feedback from CS-AWARE piloting, and accounting for UI changes that resulted from this input.

The usage guidelines presented in this deliverable detail the possible user interactions with the CS-AWARE interface according to four scenarios that cover the main functionalities of the CS-AWARE system: cybersecurity awareness, self-healing and information sharing. The scenarios are grouped around how a user would resolve a threat detected by the CS-AWARE system (with and without self-healing available), how general security warnings from social media can be configured and monitored in the system, and how information can be shared with experts or communities outside the organization.