The objective of WP4, of which this deliverable is part, is to deliver a common cloud-based solution based on the modules provided from WP3 and the CS-AWARE framework and requirements defined in WP2, preparing for the pilots being done in WP5. CS-AWARE deliverable D4.3 is the validation report of the CS-AWARE solution with regards to the objective and requirements of the project and the collected test reports at the end of the integration phase.

In brief, we consider the CS-AWARE solution to be validated through this report and with all significant functionality tests currently passed for further workings and enhancements in WP5. This document includes list of functionalities for the integration part as well as the compliance to the requirements, a list of updated functionalities of the components, a chapter on the technical module and interface tests and a chapter on the methodology of the present solution validation with the positive conclusion already mentioned.

This validation is done at the early stages of the WP5 Pilot projects, so a limited time and core usability testing with end users from both Larissa and Roma Capitale have been done under the auspices of WP5, and hence only leading up to the results in the final report of WP5. It should be noted, though, that some results from the usability testing have already been propagated into real adjustments of the base code, representing minor functionality enhancements of the integrated system. This document however focuses solely on the status and validation of the system itself, not the pilot projects.

The integrated CS-AWARE system is at the time of this deliverable running as pilots at Larissa and in the process of being installed in the Roma Capitale data center for the pilot testing in WP5. For Rome’s case, the planned cybersecurity patterns have been implemented (while others are waiting to be implemented until the end of the project); however, additional set-up work must be done for the local installation in Roma Capitale, as well as work on the Information Sharing module.

Proposals for enhancing the functionalities and features, that are found during the pilots will also be considered. The necessary changes will then be developed, tested and implemented, but nothing indicates that the overall solution is not validated as a whole.