This deliverable of the CS-AWARE project is the second in an iterative series of three deliverables regarding the dissemination, exploitation and commercialization actions during the project lifetime.
The following deliverable will constitute updated versions of the first iteration. Based upon the ongoing technology challenges and future market findings, the last version will be updated accordingly and commercialisation plans may be subject to variations or changes, depending on market needs and respective requirements.
The current deliverable consists of four principle chapters: An update of the dissemination plan & relevant actions, a commercialization & exploitation analysis updated, followed by considerations on future work.. It also provides an update on the various social media accounts the project is using, to assist with dissemination. With regards to exploitation and dissemination, this deliverable looks into the developed technology, then into the cyber-security industry and the market opportunity, examines practices of IP Policy and Strategies, and finally proposes the best licensing, revenue and commercialization path approaches. This part will be significantly enhanced during the second and third year of the project, while during the first year, will consolidate the main trajectory and approach.