The current document is intended to give an overview of the architecture that is being used in Work Package 4 (WP4) for the common cloud-based software solution of CS-AWARE. It is not intended to specify the final product in technical detail.
The objective of WP4 is to deliver a common cloud-based solution based on the modules provided from WP3 and the CS-AWARE framework and requirements defined in WP2.
Moving to the next generation infrastructure, namely cloud-based services, would enable the project to move faster with regards to development and deployment, than would be the case in traditional data centre-based setups.
In November 2018 however, at the third WP2-workshop in Rome, it became apparent, that in compliance with the IT-policies of Roma Capitale, the software had to be implemented in-house, at their local data centres, rendering our previously envisioned IT architecture, based on a number of Cloud services, unusable. Given this, we have re-thought the architecture in order to both provide a cloud service for LPA’s and SME’s that do not have their own data centres and LPA’s who wish to deploy the system locally and have the capability to do so. Therefore, we describe here, the solution that we have developed, which will run both in a local data centre environment and as a cloud-based solution.
The technical solution that we present here, is based on Docker components ready to be managed in a Kubernetes framework.