The mentioned recent survey executed by Opinion Matters on a sample of 2,000 firms about the cybersecurity in the Italian enterprises put the accent on the most common cyber threats. From the survey it results the most frequent cause of security violations has been the so-called “island hopping” (26%): the attack strategy of the hackers is focused on the network between two enterprises, in order to use the name of the weaker one as an attack vector to the stronger one, using a victim’s brand name and reputation against customers and partners of a company by invading a house, setting up their hub there and then invading other neighboring houses.

After the Island hopping, the most common attack sources in Italy, according to the survey, are the vulnerability of the sistema operating system (18%) and the attacks via web applications (14%). On a global level Carbon Black’s Quarterly Incident Threat Report states that in the 1st quarter of this year 42% of financial firms, 32% of retailers and 32% of manufacturers were targeted by Island Hopping attack.


CRC Team