In the last 12 months the Italian enterprises have been targeted with a an increasing of cyberattacks both in terms of volumes and in terms of level of violation. As a consequence, the Italian enterprises, in order to mitigate cyber risks, are growing investments in the cybersecurity field.

These are the results of an Italian cybersecurity survey published by Opinion Matters on behalf of VMware Carbon Black intitled “Le imprese estese sotto minaccia” (“The extended enterprises under threat”). The participants to the survey were 255 cybersecurity and IT managers and professionals selected by CIO, CTO e CISO working in Italy.

The 98% of the sample confirmed an increased number of attacks, while the 99% of the Italian firms involved in the survey told to be victim of a violation caused by a cyberattack in the last year, with an average of 2,20 violations per organization. The 68% of the answerers admitted to be violated 2 or more times.

Details apart, these results confirm how all the enterprises and all the major organizations (including the public sector) are potential targets of a cyberattack.


CRC Team