The recent “2020 Cybersecurity Outlook Report” published by VM Carbon Black focuses on new cybersecurity threats. The report includes an in-depth analysis of the various sources and forms of cyberattacks. A notable fact is the 2019 could be considered could have been referred to as “The Year of Ransoming Governments”.

The sample includes 2,000 organizations and shows defense evasion behavior in more than 90% of the analyzed samples, continuing to play a key role with ransomware (95% of analyzed ransomware samples). The highest degree of risk were found in the following three vertical sectors: Energy / Utilities, Government and Manufacturing. It is also possible to identify a reason for that in the raising of geopolitical pressure between largest countries (i.e. USA and China).

Thus firms and organizations have not only to raise the level of awareness about this topics amongst their managers and employees, but they have also to put proper strategies and techniques into both virtual and physical place of work, as required also during the last CoViD19 pandemic emergency, putting into evidence how the larger diffusion of remote working is increasing the risks of cyberattacks.


CRC Team