In this chapter, the EU-H2020 project CS-AWARE (running from 2017 to 2020) is presented. CS-AWARE proposes a cybersecurity awareness solution for local public administrations (LPAs) in line with the currently developing European legislatory cybersecurity framework. CS-AWARE aims to increase the automation of cybersecurity awareness approaches, by collecting cybersecurity relevant information from sources both inside and outside of monitored LPA systems, performing advanced big data analysis to set this information in context for detecting and classifying threats and to detect relevant mitigation or prevention strategies. CS-AWARE aims to advance the function of a classical decision support system by enabling supervised system self-healing in cases where clear mitigation or prevention strategies for a specific threat could be detected. One of the key aspects of the European cybersecurity strategy is a cooperative and collaborative approach towards cybersecurity. CS-AWARE is built around this concept and relies on cybersecurity information being shared by relevant authorities in order to enhance awareness capabilities. At the same time, CS-AWARE enables system operators to share incidents with relevant authorities to help protect the larger community from similar incidents. So far, CS-AWARE has shown promising results, and work continues with integrating the various components needed for the CS-AWARE solution. An extensive trial period towards the end of the project will help to assess the validity of the approach in day-to-day LPA operations.

Thomas Schaberreiter, Juha Röning, Gerald Quirchmayr, Veronika Kupfersberger, Christopher C. Wills, Matteo Bregonzio, Adamantios Koumpis, Juliano Efson Sales, Laurentiu Vasiliu, Kim Gammelgaard, Alexandros Papanikolaou, Konstantinos Rantos, Arnolt Spyro