11th Panhellenic Free / Open Source Software Communities Meeting (FOSSCOM 2018), 13-14 October 2018, University of Crete, Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

In this talk we’ll discuss the main concepts of Self-Healing and analyse Self-Healing models. The analysis and evaluation of each model is done based on a set of criteria such as the management style, the computing enviroment and the learning methodology of each model. Then we’ll evaluate the Self-Healing models based on their advantages as well as their disadvantages. We’ll present the benefits of using open source technologies in the application of Self-Healing mechanisms and policies and how open source technologies could expand the interoperability of systems, improving the efficiency of Self-Healing mechanisms. Moreover, we’ll present our innovative Self-Healing system proposal that is developed within the framework of the CS-AWARE project that is suitable for small organisations. At the end of the talk a demo of our innovative Self-Healing system will be presented.