According to a study of the Vodafone Institute, that investigates the acceptability of new technologies in Europe, Asia and the USA, there is a global shortage of digital skill. In fact, only 29% of the employees consider their digital skills adequate, 85% acknowledges that, nowdays, digital skills are necessary at work, while 56% admit that their digital skills need to be enlarged.

Skills can be gained at work, during college or with self-study. It is a never ending process in an ever evolving interconnected digital world. As cyber attacks tend to increase and hackers become more and more resourceful, employees need to be always well prepared and equipped with appropriate software so as to secure their work.

Antivirus programs detect and remove computer viruses before the user realises the threat. In result, the users trust their installed antivirus programs blindly and unconditionally. It would be better for the users to have also the information concerning the threat and the possible solutions so as to increase their awareness and improve their skills. We hope that our CS-AWARE project will help us (in the IT department) and the users we support to achieve a better and safer working environment.


Drakou Helen
IT Department, Municipality of Larissa