This software allows you to analyze the operating system to identify vulnerabilities and exploits that hackers can use to attack. How vulnerable are we to a cyber attack? Knowing it exactly is almost impossible. All we can do is to constantly update our software and operating system and, of course, use an antivirus program.

Starting today, there is a new tool that can help us to keep our pcs safe. This software is created by Arris Huijgen, a security researcher. His project is called Windows Exploit Suggester. The result of his work is based on a list of exploits currently used by hackers to break into the system. You can download Windows Exploit Suggester from this link. The software is written in Python and, therefore, the Python package is required to install it.

The software works on all versions of Windows from XP to 10 and it is based on a comparison between the Windows SystemInfo report and the list of all known vulnerabilities and corresponding updates.

Davide Cui