Strasbourg 11-14/03/2019

Threats from China’s growing technological presence in the EU, are referred to in a resolution that was deposited on Tuesday 12/03/2018.

China’s increased technological presence in the EU poses serious security threats requiring urgent action at EU level, says a draft resolution that was put to the vote on Tuesday 12/03/2019 in the EP. The European Parliament also adopted on the same Tuesday the EU legislation on cyber security. This will enhance digital security in Europe, while creating a European Cyber ​​Security Certification Program for products, processes and services. It will also expand the functioning of the EU ENISA, which will have more resources to fulfill its objectives.

In a separate vote on Wednesday 13/03/2019, members of the European Parliament voted on the proposal to create a new Cyberspace Security Center to boost EU cyber security skills.

Important Dates:

Debate: Monday, 11 March 2019 (legislative act and European Center for Research and Capabilities in Cyberspace)

Votes: Tuesday, 12 March 2019 (legislative act and Chinese technology)

Vote: Wednesday 13 March (European Center for Research and Capabilities in Cyberspace)

Procedure: Ordinary legislative procedure (legislative act and European Cyber ​​Security Research Center), non-legislative resolution (Chinese technology)

George Apostolopoulos
Open Technology Services S.A