New technologies are increasing our attack surface: Machine Learning, devices of the Internet of Things and Blockchain pervade the current technological context. Today there are opportunities unthinkable until a few years ago that open up new innovative scenarios. The downside is that we must confront an increasingly aggressive and sophisticated cybernetic threat.

Training on new technologies to increase the awareness to attacks becomes essential, facilitating the achievement of an effective Cybersecurity Posture, as correctly approaching the aspects of cyber security and privacy is essential as never before today.

It is important that the whole ecosystem must be involved in order to define minimum measures of cyber security, in particular it is impossible to think of a new product / service without adopting a series of smart system approaches to make a safety plan, even in the GDPR optics.

CS-AWARE Roma Capitale Team:
Raffaella Pullano
Arianna Bertollini
Simona Stoklin
Massimiliano Zanchiello