In my opinion cyber-security is all the organized actions required to protect information from any risk in all its forms (digital, physical). Ensure the systems and networks which store, retrieve , process and transport the information. Including measures to protect from criminal acts, sabotage, espionage, accidents, and failures. We should also consider as Cyber-Security threats those that reduce the confidence and reliability of providers to their customers. If these are not dealt with, it may negatively affect the stability and further development of their customers, violating identity protection and privacy of customers themselves and their associates. It can also disrupt the possibility of communicating or conducting business transactions, causing losses and adversely affect the national critical infrastructure.

Most important in determining the dimensions of Cyber-security is to look at trends in the use of the Internet in the near and distant future. Systems that are crucial to the functionality and prosperity of a state, like banking, tax services or health, are also exposed on cyber-threats. The need of reducing system operating costs is a fixed demand for all .This soon, and when technology allows it, will lead high-end systems to abandon the exclusive infrastructure and use the shared infrastructure, the cost of which is a fraction of the exclusive one while storage offers multiple capacities. Affordable systems using a cloud resource philosophy are already in place, and what remains to be done is to develop technologies that ensure safe operation in the web.

Cyber-security is not an area that we can avoid or ignore. In our country, although the need to develop Cyber-security is clear, and many resources are available for this purpose, despite all this, the result is mild due to a lack of proper organization, coordination and definition of responsibilities. The threats and dangers in the Cyberspace are increasing daily and dealing with the defense of networks and systems under attack individually is no longer enough. Cyberspace is a field of warfare, a country’s defeat in this field will have results similar to a nuclear attack as it will affect a corresponding number of people. The use of physically isolated systems is no longer a guarantee for them, as cyber-weapons can now be imported into infrastructure components. Advanced countries and international organizations have raised the issue of Cyber-security as a top priority. The resources needed for successful Cyber-security are brains and organization. Our country has no excuse to stay behind in this area. The cooperation of the private operator with the government services is necessary.

IT department, Municipality of LARISA.