2007, 2020

The Dutch Situation: where is the awareness?

In line with the national “Digital Agenda 2020” Dutch municipalities, organised in the VNG (Association of Dutch Municipalities) aim for a common approach for implementing ICT services. This had resulted in the objective by VNG for a common municipal digital [...]

1007, 2020

Municipalities: A new Eldorado for cybercriminals?

Our society is dependable of information networks. Cyberattacks against cities and municipalities have come alarmingly everyday incidents. In USA there were more 100 ransomware attacks against public administrations (schools and local governments)1. The cost of a single attack can be [...]

707, 2020

On Cybersecurity awareness

During the past 8 months we have deployed and tested the CS-AWARE system in the contexts of the municipalities of Rome and Larissa. We have worked intensively with the users, collected and implemented their feedback, tried to understand how cybersecurity [...]

207, 2020

Flourishing Cyber Industry

As an industry, Cybersecurity is flourishing but local and regional governments are suffering due to a lack of resources and qualified staff. Increasingly it’s more difficult for the public sector to attract staff and pay competitive salaries.Cyber attacks are increasing [...]

2906, 2020

The EU reviews cybersecurity legislation

Until the end of 2020The Network and Information Systems Directive, i.e. the main European cybersecurity legislation, will be revised by the end of 2020 by the European Union. This was announced by the European Commission, presenting the new strategy of [...]

1206, 2020

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2020

Recently Verizon announced its Data Breach Investigations Report for the year 2020, which includes sixteen different industries and four world regions. A total of 32,002 security incidents were analysed, of which 3,950 were confirmed breaches. According to the findings 45% [...]

106, 2020

Cybersecurity: Preparedness Practices

Although cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges of the digital age that is constantly evolving at an extremely fast pace, it also holds great opportunities. The challenges and best practices that organizations must impose to build a cyber-readiness culture [...]

2005, 2020

ESET’s threat report on the first quarter of 2020

According to ESET, in the first quarter of 2020, the threats from malicious Cryptominers and Android malware decreased, while on the contrary, the online threats increased. Developments in the first quarter were apparently determined by the Covid-19 pandemic. In [...]

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